DIY Planner Sticker Book – The Happy Planner


I posted a video on YouTube last night showing how I made my own sticker book for my planner stickers. I figured I would go ahead and post a few photos here as well and link to my video if you’re interested in taking a peek!


To make this DIY sticker book, I used a set of 9 expander rings that are made for The Happy Planner line of products. These are larger than the normal size rings (or discs) used for the planners, but I figured the larger size would help my inevitable over purchasing of sticker books (hey, at least I know myself lol!).


I also used my big punch for my happy planner that I got from Michaels using a 50% off coupon (yay!). I cut some cardstock down to 4.75in x 8.5in and then put it through the punch. I love that you get perfectly spaced slits/holes without having to think about it or spend time making your own. Convenience was definitely worth the higher price point for me on this one.


I trimmed off a bit of the top of each sticker sheet after removing them from the sticker book. I taped down one sticker sheet to each side of my cardstock and placed them onto the discs. SO EASY, you guys!

I laminated some double sided cardstock measured at 5in x 8.5in and punched that as well. I thought it turned out super cute! Here’s a peek at how it compares in size to my BIG happy planner. Look at how much room I have for more stickers!!!


Check out my video below for more info, if you’re interested!

Thanks for following along! Hugs to you!


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