NEW Distress Oxides – Experimenting

THEY’RE HERE! THEY’RE HERE! Okay, let me tone it down a bit. But can I just tell you how excited I was to get my mail when my Distress Oxides arrived? I have been dying to get my hands on them and they’re finally here and in my hands! I couldn’t resist breaking them out and getting started playing and experimenting with them.

Check out my video on YouTube (HERE) or view it here on the blog below!

I tried a few different things, and there are a million more I have yet to try. There are just so many possibilities with these new inks. I’m in love!

I tried ink blending, and then used the Distress Ink I already had to see how they differed and how they worked together. The Distress Oxide seems more like a pigment ink in a lot of ways. It seems to sit on top of the paper instead of being absorbed into the paper right away like the Distress Inks. The Distress Oxides can also be layered on top of one another and keep their opaque quality so long as the first layer is dry before adding the second coat. How cool!?

I also tried the technique I use most often with my Distress Inks, which is to heat emboss a background stamp with white or clear embossing powder and then ink blend over top for the emboss resist effect. I am happy to report that the Distress Oxides lend themselves beautifully to this and I got a beautiful and vibrant background out of it. YAY!

I tried my hand at coloring a stamped image with the inks as well. I stamped the ink pad directly on to an acrylic block and used a water brush to paint the ink right on to my paper. I really love the possibilities here. I also used a stamp layering set so see how the inks look when stamped on top of one another and I wasn’t disappointed.

Then, finally, I tried inking directly on to a craft doily instead of white cardstock. The color went right on as if it was white paper. I couldn’t believe it! It’s so cool to see how many different things you can do with these inks.

I’ll update this post with pictures as I can, so you can see how my experimentation process went and get an idea of how the inks look.

I can’t wait to keep experimenting and see what cool ideas I can come up with for these.

Happy hump day!


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