New Products! – Haul

It’s Monday, so I’ll try not to be too peppy. Oh, who am I kidding? I can’t contain my excitement! I received my most recent online order and couldn’t be more thrilled. If you’ve been reading along, you’ll know that I have been ‘grounded’ from buying things lately. I went a little crazy last year and I had to put myself in a bit of a timeout this year so I didn’t end up doing the same thing again (But I mean, who can resist all these ADORABLE products that are coming out?).

So, I decided to put a temporary hold on my ‘grounding’ and go ahead and buy a few things while they were in stock. I’ve had my eye on a few of these things for a while and I didn’t want to miss them again.

First, I snagged the new anniversary stamp set and die from Lawn Fawn called ‘Year Seven.‘ It’s got this absolutely adorable pinata, some candies, and the sentiment, ‘hope your birthday is a smash!’ How cute!

Lawn Fawn - Clear Acrylic Stamps - Year Seven                               Lawn Fawn - Lawn Cuts - Dies - Year Seven

Next, I got the ‘Little Picket Fence Border‘ Die, also from Lawn Fawn. I’m sort of collecting all of these wavy border dies, since they go perfectly together. Love it!

I got 3 gorgeous stencils and an amazing background stamp, all from Hero Arts. The Bold Floral stencil is one that I’ve had my eye on for a WHILE now. I’m excited to have finally snagged it.

Hero Arts - Stencils - Bold FloralHero Arts - Stencils - Glorious PetalHero Arts - Stencils - Large Flower

I also snagged a beautiful background stamp from Hero Arts as well. It’s the ‘Floral Bold Prints by Lia‘ cling stamp and I love it!

Hero Arts - Lia Griffith Collection - Clings - Repositionable Rubber Stamps - Floral Bold Prints

Finally, I got my long-coveted Lawn Fawn Stamp Shammy! I am already in love with this thing. I tested it out and it’s a miracle worker. This is definitely my new go to for stamp cleaning. Super awesome!

Lawn Fawn - Stamp Shammy

I hope you enjoyed this post and that you’ll join me in future posts as I use these great items! Give me a shout if there’s anything you’d like to see me talk about or post a video about in the future. 🙂

Big hugs,


Craft Room Organization – Craft Paint Storage

Hey y’all! Today I’m sharing my next step towards craft room organization – storage for my craft paints. I’ve collected a few of these paints, and they normally get stuffed in a drawer and never see the light of day. At one point, I had a craft paint spinner rack for them, but I didn’t have enough paint (or desk space!) to justify keeping it. So, I was off to find a new solution.

I love the idea of having spinning storage, so I decided I’d do it myself. I purchased two cake pans from Goodwill for around $3 total. I will spray paint them later to match my craft room decor, and I also bought a lazy susan mechanism for both pans to attach later. For now, I was just focusing on cleaning up my space.20170226_221400

I used a 3/4″ circle punch from EK Success to punch a bunch of swatches for my paints. Then, I used each paint to color one circle, and put the coordinating painted circle on top of my paint using Glossy Accents. Voila! Now I can see what colors I have, and they’re not stuff in the depths of a drawer somewhere where they’ll never get used. Win!


Check out the short video on YouTube (HERE) or watch below!

Thanks for stopping by and have an awesome rest of the day!


NEW Distress Oxides – Experimenting

THEY’RE HERE! THEY’RE HERE! Okay, let me tone it down a bit. But can I just tell you how excited I was to get my mail when my Distress Oxides arrived? I have been dying to get my hands on them and they’re finally here and in my hands! I couldn’t resist breaking them out and getting started playing and experimenting with them.

Check out my video on YouTube (HERE) or view it here on the blog below!

I tried a few different things, and there are a million more I have yet to try. There are just so many possibilities with these new inks. I’m in love!

I tried ink blending, and then used the Distress Ink I already had to see how they differed and how they worked together. The Distress Oxide seems more like a pigment ink in a lot of ways. It seems to sit on top of the paper instead of being absorbed into the paper right away like the Distress Inks. The Distress Oxides can also be layered on top of one another and keep their opaque quality so long as the first layer is dry before adding the second coat. How cool!?

I also tried the technique I use most often with my Distress Inks, which is to heat emboss a background stamp with white or clear embossing powder and then ink blend over top for the emboss resist effect. I am happy to report that the Distress Oxides lend themselves beautifully to this and I got a beautiful and vibrant background out of it. YAY!

I tried my hand at coloring a stamped image with the inks as well. I stamped the ink pad directly on to an acrylic block and used a water brush to paint the ink right on to my paper. I really love the possibilities here. I also used a stamp layering set so see how the inks look when stamped on top of one another and I wasn’t disappointed.

Then, finally, I tried inking directly on to a craft doily instead of white cardstock. The color went right on as if it was white paper. I couldn’t believe it! It’s so cool to see how many different things you can do with these inks.

I’ll update this post with pictures as I can, so you can see how my experimentation process went and get an idea of how the inks look.

I can’t wait to keep experimenting and see what cool ideas I can come up with for these.

Happy hump day!


Technique – DIY Marbled Paper

Pretty much everything you can think of has already been ‘done’ by someone, but let me just tell you how excited I am about learning this ‘new to me’ technique! There are so many possibilities and I can’t wait to keep trying new mediums with this.

I decided to jump on the ‘DIY Marbled Paper’ train and see what I could make. I’m pretty happy with the results, and I know that as I use the technique more frequently, my results will continue to improve. The beauty of this is that it is just SO simple! You probably already have everything you need on hand. That’s my kind of project!

I used a glass baking sheet (now dedicated to crafty things so I don’t have to worry about making it food safe again) and sprayed some cheap canned shaving cream into the bottom. Then, I used various mediums to color the shaving cream, including distress spray stain, distress paint, craft paint, and even food coloring. Check out my video to see how each medium transferred to the paper!

Here’s a look at a card I made using one of my newly marbled papers. This one was made using the distress spray stains in abandoned coral and cracked pistachio.


I am so excited to see all of the amazingly cool backgrounds I can make using this technique. Then, I can also die cut from the papers I make to have one of a kind embellishments! Too cool.

I hope you’ll give this a try. Be sure to let me know how it works for you in the comments!

Big hugs,


Hand Lettering – Brush Lettering: You Are my Sunshine


Well, I’m not sure what happened here. I had a whole blog post written and posted, and now I’m coming back to check on things and my whole post is gone aside from the featured image and most of the title. Yikes. I have no clue what happened!

I started off the post talking about how lovely the weather is today, and that all this sunshine inspired me to do some related brush lettering. I have been practicing my hand lettering and brush lettering for a few weeks now, after being inspired by YouTube videos and Instagram photos of amazing hand lettered images. So much talent! I have already come a long way, but there is tons of room for improvement, and I’m going to keep at it!


Today, I used the Tombow Dual Brush Pens (#985) to brush letter the sentiment ‘you are my sunshine’.


I love how warm this color is. It make me feel all warm and fuzzy lol! I also shot my first video of myself brush lettering, so here’s that:

I’m excited to keep practicing and see how much I can improve my hand lettering and brush lettering along the way. I hope you’ll tag along on my journey, and maybe even be inspired to start your own!

Big hugs coming your way,


Craft Room Organization – Washi Tape

Seriously. Who doesn’t love a good rainbow storage solution? I am totally in love with this new storage solution for my washi tape. I was desperate to find a solution that would work for me, and here it is. Before this, I had all of my washi shoved in a box (I tried to sort it and keep it all in place, but it just wasn’t working), and before that I even tried storing them in little utensil drawer organizers. I wasn’t happy with it, and then I landed on this. Perfect!


I love that I can see every single roll and grab exactly what I need so easily. No rummaging through piles of stuff to find the one roll I want, and certainly no more forgetting I even have certain rolls. And, on top of the ease and functionality, IT’S. SO. PRETTY! I love looking at it!


Here’s a look at how my craft hutch is coming along:


The only thing I think I’m going to change is to trim a little off of those top dowels so that I can push the whole rack back under that shelf a little bit. It’s just barely too tall to let me do that.

Here’s a peek at my super duper short video including still shots and my wobbly action shot. lol!

Happy organizing and big hugs,


Craft Room Organization – Clear Stamp Storage Dividers

Happy Friday! I’m SO ready for the weekend, I can’t even tell you… and one of my goals for this weekend is to keep plugging along on my craft room organization. I’m ready to have this whole room whipped into shape and looking presentable.

Today, I’m sharing my new dividers for my clear stamp storage. I saw the idea for my clear stamp storage when I was watching videos from Jennifer McGuire. She is seriously my idol for all things craft organization. She rocks! The video where she shared this storage solution made my heart so happy. It looks so clean and… just perfect in every way!

Now, I did try her suggestion of using folders from an office store for the dividers and it didn’t really work for me. I didn’t have good results with cutting them up and getting them to look the way I wanted, so I decided to try something else. I actually purchased a laminator on Black Friday because it was SO inexpensive and I had seen videos using them to foil images for card making. So cool! I hadn’t even taken it out the box (I’m horrible… I know!), so I figured now was the time.

I cut some cute cardstock from Amy Tangerine (for American Crafts) that I had on hand. The measurements that work for the storage container I have are 5.5 inches by 8.25 inches. Then I used a corner rounder (check around for a better price if you want this one. This is definitely listed as more expensive than it should be) to make them look a little more finished and professional (I did this BEFORE laminating, that’s important!).

Once I had my cardstock cut and got the corners rounded, I put them into the laminating pouches and ran them through the machine. It’s a little slow moving, but overall it didn’t take too long.

After the cardstock was laminated, I trimmed the edges (being sure not to cut the fused part) and then rounded the corners. I used clear label tape with my label maker to create labels for the brands of stamps I have and attached the labels to my newly made dividers. I just love the way they turned out. They look so clean cut and pretty!


I was SO excited to put them into my storage container. Here’s a peek at the way they look:


20170210_123057  20170210_123124

One small victory for Jess, one GIANT leap towards craft organization success!

Big hugs,


Card Tutorial – Valentine’s Day using Lawn Fawn, My Favorite Things

It’s a bright and sunny Sunday here in Williamsburg. The word SUNday is so fitting! (It took me so long to finish this darn post that now it’s Monday! Whoops!) We’re just nine days away from Valentine’s Day, so I’ve made another Valentine’s Day card to share. This one is a little ‘punny,’ which I absolutely love.

I started this silly card by stamping a background with Lawn Fawn’s ‘Science of Love’ stamp set. I used the calculator, book, a few vials or beakers, and some of the sweet little hearts. I started with the biggest images, then worked my way down to the smaller images to fill in the gaps. After the background was stamped the way I wanted it, I cut it using the stitched rectangles die, also from Lawn Fawn. Then I went to town with the ‘Pumice Stone’ Distress Ink. I think it turned out pretty cool and gave it a neat grey scale sort of feel.


I matted my stamped background on a piece of black cardstock, then mounted that with a piece of foam to a white A2 card base. Then, I used a piece of red scrap paper and heat embossed my sentiment from ‘Science of Love’ with white embossing powder. I cut a little banner tail to give it a finished look.

Next, I stamped, copic colored, and die cut the little girl and dresser images from the ‘Our Story’ stamp and die set from My Favorite Things. So cute!! I also stamped and colored one of the beakers from the Lawn Fawn set and then fussy cut it (I absolutely HATE fussy cutting haha). Once I had them all colored, I attached foam adhesive to the backs and adhered them, along with the sentiment, to my card front.

Then, I decided the card needed a little bit of sparkle, so I added some small red sequins I had on hand. I thought it made it look like it was bubbling or smoking up out of the beaker, sort of like the girl was brewing up some sort of love potion! Super cute to tie it all together with the chemistry sentiment.

You can check out my video, showing all of the nitty gritty details, here:

I hope you like the card! Have you been making anything for Valentine’s Day? Link me your creations in the comments so I can check them out!

Big hugs!


Organization – Baker’s Twine

Seriously. There is something magical about color coding things and having everything in its very own place. Is it just me?

Today, I am working on more organization strategies for my craft room. A week or so ago, I watched a video from Simon Says Stamp with tips from Nina-Marie on keeping your craft room organized. Let me just say, she has some great ideas! I decided to implement a few of her ideas in my own craft space, and I’m sharing the first one today.

Here is the before shot of my storage ‘solution’ for my baker’s twine. I say ‘solution’ because it’s not a very good one haha! Although I absolutely love this cute little ‘paint can’, this thing was always a disaster and I was constantly dumping things all over the place just trying to find the color I was looking for. Yikes!


Something had to change, so it was a perfect time to stumble across Nina-Marie’s video for Simon Says Stamp. She suggested storing your baker’s twine on embroidery floss cards, and I’m kicking myself for not thinking of this ages ago. I headed to Michael’s and picked up 2 packs (28 each) of the cards for about $1.99 each. I made sure to get the plastic ones instead of the cardboard ones, because I figured they’d hold up better over time.

As I started wrapping my twine on the cards, I was so giddy and excited. All the colors looked so pretty!


Once I got all the thread wrapped on the cards, I placed them in this container that I purchased from amazon. It’s PERFECT!


The lid on this container snaps shut, so I don’t have to worry about my baker’s twine spilling or falling out of place if I drop it, or even if I wanted to store it on it’s side to work better in my storage space. I love that the container is small and easily portable, so that I can take it right to my desk if and match the perfect color to my project.

I have a little more (okay maybe a lot) twine to sort and wrap before I’m done, but I am SO thrilled with the way this has turned out. Heck YES for getting organized!

Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments and share any cool storage tips you’ve found as well!

Big hugs and warm wishes as always,



Wishing for Summer – Card Tutorial & Video


I posted this video on YouTube a couple days ago, so I figured it was time to post about it here as well. Be sure to check out the YouTube video below (or on YouTube HERE), and view all of the process photos I’ve included! This sunshiny card has me wishing desperately for warmer weather, what about you?

To start this card, I selected a stencil from Tim Holtz and this adorable stamp set from Neat & Tangled called ‘My Sunshine.’ I selected the Distress Ink colors I wanted to use: Scattered Straw, Mustard Seed, and Wild Honey. I chose these colors because they covered a nice range of bright to golden and almost orangey yellows. So pretty!

20170116_145336.jpg 20170116_150326.jpg

I went ahead and taped down my stencil using washi tape so it wouldn’t slide around while I was inking. I used my mini blending tool (I have a separate foam pad for each color) and started with the lightest color, working my way outward towards the darker, more orange color.

20170116_150842.jpg 20170116_151051.jpg

I just love the way the colors turned out! It’s like I can feel the warmth just radiating off the paper.

After my inking was done, I die cut the Little Town Border from black cardstock using my Cuttlebug. I also die cut the Stitched Hillside Border using some patterned paper I had on hand. I used my Ranger Multi Medium Matte and Glossy AccentsGlossy Accents to attached the patterned paper to the Little Town Border, and then attached them both to my card front.


Next, I decided on placement for my sentiment. I absolutely LOVE the scripty, hand written feel of this stamp by Neat and Tangled. So super cute! I used my Hampton Arts ‘Stamp Perfect’ to stamp the sentiment in Memento Tuxedo Black Ink, and then also stamped it with Versamark clear watermark ink.

20170116_153855 20170116_154003.jpg

While the ink was still nice and sticky, I used clear embossing powder and then melted it with my heat tool. I love the way the embossing powder gives the card a little more umph! than just a plain black stamp.

I wanted to frame the top and bottom of my card front with black cardstock for a little bit more of a dramatic and finished look, but I didn’t have a piece that was the right size and I really didn’t want to create more scraps. Off to my scrap folder I went, and cut one of my scrap pieces into two 1in x 5.5in pieces. I used my tape runner to attached these strips to the top and bottom of my card front. Then, I mounted it to my card front!


Now that my card front is complete, it’s time to tackle the interior! I like to personalize the inside of all my cards, even if it’s something as simple as inking it to match the card front. I feel like it gives it such a nice, finished look, and I like that it gives the card a little more weight than just having the plain cardstock there.

For this card, I cut an interior piece of cardstock to 4 x 5.25. I decided to use Mustard Seed, and went ahead and inked the whole piece. Once that was done, I used the remaining two stamps from the My Sunshine set and used my Mini MISTI to stamp them with that same black ink.

20170116_205210                20170116_205510

I did also attached a few gold sequins, because every card needs a little sparkle, right? Well, I think so anyway!


I really love the way this card turned out. Let me know what you think in the comments!

Warm wishes and big hugs,