Dollar Tree DIY – Halloween Wreath

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Hey guys!

I’m back with another DIY project for you today. I’m sharing this totally fabulous Halloween Wreath I made using products from the Dollar Tree. If you haven’t checked out the Dollar Tree for your Halloween needs this year, you may be missing out on some SCARY good deals.

Here’s a look at a few of the items I used for my project today:

downloaddownload (1)download (2)

Of course, since each item came from the Dollar Tree, these literally only cost $1 each. It’s amazing how much you can get when things are so inexpensively priced.

To get started on my project, I heated up my hot glue gun and and started to wrap the black feather boa around my wreath form. I applied a little hot glue here and there to help the feathers stay put where I wanted them. Once I had the whole wreath form covered in feathers, I got creative.

I saw this awesome yard sign, but thought it would be a really cool addition to my wreath. I broke off the stick and placed it on top of my wreath. I used hot glue again to adhere the sign. I love how this already had the cool wording and even a bit of shine with that glittery witch hat. Super cool!

To finish things off, I added two of the season versions of the butterfly clip on decorations. These were the perfect touch for this wreath. I just love how it turned out.

You can watch me make the video HERE (on YouTube):

That’s it for today, guys! I’ll see you again soon for another fun project!


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