Alcohol Ink Background – Galaxy/Space

You guys.

I swore that I wasn’t going to buy anything to do with alcohol inks. It was one more thing I didn’t need to buy supplies for. BUT THEN – my mom (enabler) sent me a picture of this beautiful background she made using alcohol inks and I just HAD to go get some. Of course.

So I have totally boogered up more projects than I care to admit, but the awesome thing is that you can just dump alcohol on it and wipe it clean. Fresh slate! Now that’s my kind of art medium lol!


So in my few days of experiments, I discovered that I could create this crazy galaxy or outer space sort of feel with the alcohol inks by basically using. all. the. colors. Seriously – it doesn’t seem like you should get anything but ‘mud’ out of this, but it turns out looking so cool!

Check out the video below (or HERE on YouTube) to see how it all came together.

Hope you love it!


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