Lettering for Lefties – Hand/Brush Lettering

Wow, you guys! This holiday season has really gotten away from me. I haven’t been posting nearly as often as I would like. Things just get so hectic this time of year! AND, have I mentioned I don’t love making my own Christmas cards? (I know, crazy lol!) I have been bogged down trying to get all my cards done so they arrive (hopefully) before Christmas. Fingers crossed!

Anyhow, I recently joined an awesome group on Facebook called Stamp Junkies. Check them out HERE, if you’re interested. Basically, this group is a haven for all things cardmaking, papercrafting, etc. You name it! People share their creations and the environment is full of sunshine, rainbows, and unicorns. Seriously, though- the people are so nice!

I recently posted a short clip of myself hand lettering the word ‘christmas’ in the group- here’s a longer version of the video that I shared on YouTube:

So after I shared this video, the questions and comments came pouring in. People were in awe that I could do hand lettering and be left handed (I’ve heard this my whole life! ‘Wow, you have such great handwriting for a lefthanded person! Weird, right?). Then there were comments from my fellow lefties who wanted to know how I had learned to letter and if I had any suggestions for them. Thus was born my first video on hand lettering for left handed people – or – Lettering for Lefties. Yay!

Here’s the video I just posted sharing some information for getting started with hand lettering/brush lettering. I talk about the pens/markers I like to use and some tips for staying sane while lettering and being left handed.

Hope you enjoy!

Warm wishes,


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