Hand Lettering – Brush Lettering: You Are my Sunshine


Well, I’m not sure what happened here. I had a whole blog post written and posted, and now I’m coming back to check on things and my whole post is gone aside from the featured image and most of the title. Yikes. I have no clue what happened!

I started off the post talking about how lovely the weather is today, and that all this sunshine inspired me to do some related brush lettering. I have been practicing my hand lettering and brush lettering for a few weeks now, after being inspired by YouTube videos and Instagram photos of amazing hand lettered images. So much talent! I have already come a long way, but there is tons of room for improvement, and I’m going to keep at it!


Today, I used the Tombow Dual Brush Pens (#985) to brush letter the sentiment ‘you are my sunshine’.


I love how warm this color is. It make me feel all warm and fuzzy lol! I also shot my first video of myself brush lettering, so here’s that:

I’m excited to keep practicing and see how much I can improve my hand lettering and brush lettering along the way. I hope you’ll tag along on my journey, and maybe even be inspired to start your own!

Big hugs coming your way,


5 thoughts on “Hand Lettering – Brush Lettering: You Are my Sunshine

      • acarddayswork says:

        They’re much more affordable than Copic markers (though these are water based, not alcohol like Copics), but it can add up! You can get the full set of 96 with a desk stand for $140 ish if you shop around. I’m such a sucker for having to have the whole set. I splurged and got all of these lol!

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      • IdleEmma says:

        A bit pricey but a hell of a lot cheaper than copics! (one set of 36 of them cost me almost €100!). Might not be able to afford the full set at the moment but I’m definitely gonna look into getting a few colours of these now!


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