Craft Room Organization – Washi Tape

Seriously. Who doesn’t love a good rainbow storage solution? I am totally in love with this new storage solution for my washi tape. I was desperate to find a solution that would work for me, and here it is. Before this, I had all of my washi shoved in a box (I tried to sort it and keep it all in place, but it just wasn’t working), and before that I even tried storing them in little utensil drawer organizers. I wasn’t happy with it, and then I landed on this. Perfect!


I love that I can see every single roll and grab exactly what I need so easily. No rummaging through piles of stuff to find the one roll I want, and certainly no more forgetting I even have certain rolls. And, on top of the ease and functionality, IT’S. SO. PRETTY! I love looking at it!


Here’s a look at how my craft hutch is coming along:


The only thing I think I’m going to change is to trim a little off of those top dowels so that I can push the whole rack back under that shelf a little bit. It’s just barely too tall to let me do that.

Here’s a peek at my super duper short video including still shots and my wobbly action shot. lol!

Happy organizing and big hugs,


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