Craft Room Organization – Clear Stamp Storage Dividers

Happy Friday! I’m SO ready for the weekend, I can’t even tell you… and one of my goals for this weekend is to keep plugging along on my craft room organization. I’m ready to have this whole room whipped into shape and looking presentable.

Today, I’m sharing my new dividers for my clear stamp storage. I saw the idea for my clear stamp storage when I was watching videos from Jennifer McGuire. She is seriously my idol for all things craft organization. She rocks! The video where she shared this storage solution made my heart so happy. It looks so clean and… just perfect in every way!

Now, I did try her suggestion of using folders from an office store for the dividers and it didn’t really work for me. I didn’t have good results with cutting them up and getting them to look the way I wanted, so I decided to try something else. I actually purchased a laminator on Black Friday because it was SO inexpensive and I had seen videos using them to foil images for card making. So cool! I hadn’t even taken it out the box (I’m horrible… I know!), so I figured now was the time.

I cut some cute cardstock from Amy Tangerine (for American Crafts) that I had on hand. The measurements that work for the storage container I have are 5.5 inches by 8.25 inches. Then I used a corner rounder (check around for a better price if you want this one. This is definitely listed as more expensive than it should be) to make them look a little more finished and professional (I did this BEFORE laminating, that’s important!).

Once I had my cardstock cut and got the corners rounded, I put them into the laminating pouches and ran them through the machine. It’s a little slow moving, but overall it didn’t take too long.

After the cardstock was laminated, I trimmed the edges (being sure not to cut the fused part) and then rounded the corners. I used clear label tape with my label maker to create labels for the brands of stamps I have and attached the labels to my newly made dividers. I just love the way they turned out. They look so clean cut and pretty!


I was SO excited to put them into my storage container. Here’s a peek at the way they look:


20170210_123057  20170210_123124

One small victory for Jess, one GIANT leap towards craft organization success!

Big hugs,


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