Organization – Baker’s Twine

Seriously. There is something magical about color coding things and having everything in its very own place. Is it just me?

Today, I am working on more organization strategies for my craft room. A week or so ago, I watched a video from Simon Says Stamp with tips from Nina-Marie on keeping your craft room organized. Let me just say, she has some great ideas! I decided to implement a few of her ideas in my own craft space, and I’m sharing the first one today.

Here is the before shot of my storage ‘solution’ for my baker’s twine. I say ‘solution’ because it’s not a very good one haha! Although I absolutely love this cute little ‘paint can’, this thing was always a disaster and I was constantly dumping things all over the place just trying to find the color I was looking for. Yikes!


Something had to change, so it was a perfect time to stumble across Nina-Marie’s video for Simon Says Stamp. She suggested storing your baker’s twine on embroidery floss cards, and I’m kicking myself for not thinking of this ages ago. I headed to Michael’s and picked up 2 packs (28 each) of the cards for about $1.99 each. I made sure to get the plastic ones instead of the cardboard ones, because I figured they’d hold up better over time.

As I started wrapping my twine on the cards, I was so giddy and excited. All the colors looked so pretty!


Once I got all the thread wrapped on the cards, I placed them in this container that I purchased from amazon. It’s PERFECT!


The lid on this container snaps shut, so I don’t have to worry about my baker’s twine spilling or falling out of place if I drop it, or even if I wanted to store it on it’s side to work better in my storage space. I love that the container is small and easily portable, so that I can take it right to my desk if and match the perfect color to my project.

I have a little more (okay maybe a lot) twine to sort and wrap before I’m done, but I am SO thrilled with the way this has turned out. Heck YES for getting organized!

Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments and share any cool storage tips you’ve found as well!

Big hugs and warm wishes as always,



4 thoughts on “Organization – Baker’s Twine

    • acarddayswork says:

      I’m so excited to finally be making progress. I feel like having this little blog is helping me feel accountable to continuing to make progress and get stuff done. Otherwise, what will I have to talk about? 😉


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