Getting Organized

Nothing stresses me out more than a disorganized work space. I feel so creatively blocked if my work area isn’t neat and tidy. However, it seems like my craft room is always a complete disaster! We moved into our new home a few months ago and I still haven’t gotten my craft space set up the way I want it yet. As I get things set up and organized, I’ll be sharing my projects and letting you know what has worked for me (and what hasn’t!).


Today, I started tackling my 12×12 paper storage. I purchased these storage cube shelves from my local Michael’s a while ago to store some of my paper.


Since I’ve had them for several months, I figured I’d better get using them! Before, all of my stacks of cardstock and paper pads were in huge piles all over my craft room (disaster!). Now, as I get them sorted, they’re so much easier to find, and I know that I’ll use them so much more!


My husband put the shelves together for me, so I’m not sure how easy or hard it was. Even though the shelves are made of a fairly thin MDF, they seem pretty sturdy overall and I picked them up with all that heavy paper in them with no issues. I love that since they are cubes, you can use them to store paper horizontally or vertically. This is great for me, since I prefer my loose paper to be stacked horizontally, but prefer to have my paper packs stored vertically for easier access.


I purchased four of the shelves altogether. I used my label maker to print labels for each section (now even my husband will be able to find the paper I’m looking for haha!). I really like how much more organized the labels make me feel. It’s the small things, isn’t it?


Goodbye mountains of paper packs, hello easy access paper storage! Woohoo!

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